WareNext Pricing

Logistics Rates
Made Simple.

Transparent freight means transparent pricing. Here's how our pricing works for shippers, forwarders, and logistics providers.


Each warehouse has its own rates depending on the location. All are on a pay-as-you go model.

From ₦3,000/pallet

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery  within Lagos or in other cities. Same-day delivery available!

From ₦500/item


Simple and transparent pricing whether you’re a small online retailer or a larger business.

From ₦150/item


Get instant quotes from our trusted network of pre-vetted logistic freight forwarding partners


Fulfilment Rates

Platform Fee
Access to a network of warehouses, inventory management and more.
Order Validation Fee
Flat fee for item count validation, QC checks and movement to staging area
In/out-bound Fee
The cost to process an in/out-bound bulk order
Fulfilment Fee
QC, Printing, Tagging, Pick, Pack & Label order for S/M/L items

Notes: Pallet storage fee applicable. Each warehouse has its own rates depending on location, etc.

Fulfilment Subscription Plans


> 100

Orders per Month
Outsourced order fulfilment to keep brands focused on customers
  • 5% discount on each fee
  • Ideal for smaller teams
  • Starts with one warehouse from a curated list
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Support through onboarding
  • Dedicated Operations Coordinator


> 500

Orders Per Month
Prime-like delivery service for high-growth retailers and brands
  • 10% discount on each fee
  • Work with 2-5 WareNext warehouses
  • Full-country penetration within 2 days with ground shipping
  • Everything in Starter
  • Dynamic Ordering Routing
  • Dedicated Account Manager


> 1,000

Order per Month
A custom service available to the business
  • .
  • .
  • Demand Analysis and Bespoke Strategic Planning
  • Custom Pricing
  • Everything in Growth
  • Custom Integration

Last Mile Delivery Rates

Trucks and Mini-Vans, Ideal for E-commerce (1-3 Days)

Lagos State

from ₦ 600

  • Rates are for 0.5-3.0kg
  • Extra kg at ₦300
  • Excl. VAT

Rest of Nigeria

from ₦ 2,000

  • Rates are for 0.5-3.0kg
  • Extra kg at ₦300
  • Excl. VAT

Lagos Bike, Ideal for Express Courier (Same-day Delivery)

Same Day Delivery

from ₦ 750

  • Dedicated bike
  • On-line tracking
  • Ideal for urgent e-commerce

Next Hour Delivery

from ₦ 1,000

  • Dedicated bike
  • On-line tracking
  • Ideal for urgent parcels or documents


WareNext has created the Nigeria’s #1 international freight marketplace, connecting top freight-forwarders with shippers around the world. WareNext helps shippers to easily and transparently book and manage shipments, while giving freight-forwarders on-demand access and streamlined operation management . Here’s how the pricing works.


Percentage of secured order: 0%

Booking on WareNext
  • Instantly compare freight rates.
  • Access to multiple providers.
  • One-stop shipment management.
  • In-app provider communication.
  • 24/6 dedicated phone/chat support.
  • Credit terms for qualifying buyers


Percentage of secured order: 5%

Selling on WareNext
  • Low-touch instant digital sales.
  • Payment collection.
  • Digital customer management.
  • Access to thousands of users

Transparent Pricing Policy

Forget hidden freight charges. Seriously.