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WareNext is a fast-growing American venture registered in Delaware with a technology development team in Europe and a team of logistic gurus in Lagos. The company is now expanding to other regions in Africa. Drop us a line if you’re interested in bringing WareNext in your home country: [email protected]

WareNext aims to usher the logistics industry into a new digital era, making Nigerian supply-chain management processes faster, more cost-effective and smoother.


Our customers are online retailers, e-commerce platforms, small-medium enterprises and FMCGs.

The majority of our customers use WareNext so that they can focus on their business and not on their warehouse operations. Because we offer an easy-to-use inventory management system and flexible month-to-month terms, it’s easy to expand your warehousing as your business grows.

Many customers use WareNext for business storage to hold overflow inventory, direct to customer shipping, or to accommodate an influx in inventory due to seasonal demands. Others use WareNext as a no-risk way to launch distribution centers in new cities without taking on new leases.

WareNext has dozens of warehouses located in every major metropolitan area of Nigeria. Our warehouses are fully staffed by professionals, and offer a variety of services such as organic or certifications, cold storage, and more.

When you put your products in a storage unit you need to be there to receive and ship them. When you use WareNext, our professional staff will unload your palletized shipments and receive them into our inventory software that provides you with real-time visibility. When you are ready to ship the products back to yourself or a customer, simply create a request in our software and we’ll take care of the rest. Storage units are also relatively small, expensive on a square foot basis, and rarely have loading docks.

Leasing a warehouse is great when you have a reliable forecast, little seasonality, and money to invest for improvements and equipment. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most of us, and we end up paying for space we are not utilizing and wasting labor hours when order forecasts differ from our expectations.

With WareNext, we offer you the ability to pay for only what you use, and we include standard warehousing services, such as loading and shipping, as available options. You can remove your goods from the warehouse at any given time.

WareNext provides an online inventory system to help you manage your inventory in and out of the warehouse and to track your shipments to and from the warehouse.

WareNext solves a problem that we experienced first-hand. Our co-founder, Ayo, ran a fulfilment center at African #1 e-commerce and constantly needed overflow warehouse space to address seasonal peaks and unreliable forecast, but he wasn’t ready to sign a long-term lease. Finding available warehouse space in his area was difficult and the warehouses he contacted required long-term commitments, lengthy software integrations, and offered confusing pricing models.

WareNext makes finding, using, and budgeting for warehousing space and services easier. Simple pricing, flexible commitments, and easy-to-use software — these are our core principles.


Warenext is a one-stop-solution for on demand warehousing, storage, fulfillment,last mile delivery and freight. We enable you to compare different rates from different logistic partners. Why use one service provider when you can get the best rates from the best partners?

No, our platform is developed for an average tech-savvy user and does not require you to be a computer-wizard. Our processes are as simple and our customer care will be able to assist you throughout each step. Just drop us an email to [email protected]

WareNext’s technology helps logistic providers automating their internal rate management, pricing/routing and business intelligence. We offer them a wider access to customers since everyone wants to come to WareNext to get the best freight rates.

Apart from getting the best rates on the market, WareNext enables you to have all your logistics centralised in one single location. Imagine a platform where you can have freight, warehousing, fulfilment and delivery, all in one place. Well, here we are!

WareNext brings dozens of freight forwarders and delivery companies together in a single platform that is able to aggregate their offerings and provide you with an innovative algorithm-based search engine to book the best rates.

At WareNext we are all about competitive rates and transparent pricing. Please refer to the Pricing section on our website for more information.

With WareNext you can ship anything whether it’s a box, a pallet or an entire container. We ship virtually everywhere in the world and we can provide you with a bespoke freight quote within minutes! Send us a WhatsApp message now!

We are currently working on a trade finance product for certain eligible customers. Please drop us a line to tell us more about your requirements at [email protected]

Insurance policy covers an important role in your business. With an insurance policy, you can safeguard your property and content from perils such as fire, explosion, and other natural calamities. WareNext can help you find the most suitable insurance rates for you! Please drop us a line to tell us your requirements at [email protected]

WareNext offers door-to-door delivery services anywhere in the world. We can pick up from your warehouse, doorstep or factory and deliver to wherever you want. All through a centralised platform that enables you to track your parcel and manage your inventory.

On our marketplace you can find the shipment mode that best suits your needs. Our partners can provide you with same-day or next-day delivery in the major Nigerian cities. Alternatively, a shipment usually takes 1-3 days for a national delivery or several days for international shipments, depending on whether you’re using sea or air freight.

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